Intro Edit

A-Class Lifeforms Are human-beings as well as genetically or biologically alerted human beings. They are the most abundant and the dominant beings on earth, the largest part live in the UKA.

Types Edit

  • Human
  • Cyborg
  • Human (Trump Gene Therapy)

Characters Edit

  • Donald Trump
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Nikifor Victorius Kristoffersen
  • Jamshad Gergő Biermann
  • Okoro Mansur Parodi
  • Nero Aibek Wragge
  • Phoibos Athanas McGuire
  • Ibrahim Yunus Rompa
  • Erik Fyfe Reyes
  • Eoghan Flavian Crusan
  • Siet Donnchad Abeln
  • Patrizio Wetzel Pisani
  • Wulfsige Chukwuma Marszałek
  • Villem Goronwy Michelakakis
  • Rudolf Gwandoya Freitas
  • Kylo Ren
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Diarmait Theodosios Bumgarner
  • Orso Harinder Kavanagh
  • Kendama Kids

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