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   The world is full of Various factions, each belonging to their respective movements and interests, mostly relating to the politics of the UKA and the states it deals with. 

Trump Government Edit

The Trump Government employs millions of soldiers, thousand of pickup trucks and oversees the UKA as its recognized organized body. Though hated by most nations of the world, nukes ran out in 2020, and frankly, no one gave enough of a fucking shit to do anything other that press launch buttons and sit back to watch everything go to tits. The only military oposition to trump's government are the Rebels and Spicy Jalapenos, who do pipe-bombs and hostages and stuff like that usually, nothing that can really affect Trump really. They also pay off the liberals who sometimes respectfully stand around with signs calling for another election to so that their candidate, INSERT_MODERATE_CAREER_POLITICIAN , may win, but they'd be just as happy if they weren't because you win some you lose some I guess.

The Rebels Edit

The Rebels Live in the forest and fight Trump. They have mixed feelings for the spicy jalapenos

The Spicy Jalapenos Edit

Mayonnaise Minute Men (MMM) Edit