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The world of Feel the Bern of the Proletariat takes place in 2027 in the aftermath of ISIS and UKA nuclear conquests. Trump's People-Coal dependence has allowed a minor rise in sea levels, and nuclear war has made much of the world uninhabitable.

Physical Geography Edit

Other than a minor rise in sea levels, the world has physically changed very little since Trump's Rise to power. Some of the land that was struck with nukes (in grey) cannot support vegetation, though large sections of the coast of California are not dangerous to short term stays, and this land is called "The Forest".

Nation States Edit

The largest Nation is The UKA, as it controls the entirety of the Americas (with the exception of the irradiated areas in grey). It is followed by Isis, Ukraine, and Pakistan. The remaining nations are the UKE, Serbia, Korea, New new Mexico and Cuba. Few human settlements exist in the irradiated zone, the only notable example are the Rebel Colonies in The Forest.