Life as we know it Edit

Many sentient beings inhabit the world of Feel the Bern of the Proletariat, each with their own allegiances and interests, as well as cultures. Based on their physical similarities, beings are divided into five distinct categories:

A-Class Lifeforms Edit

A-Class Lifeforms Are human-beings as well as genetically or biologically alerted human beings. They are the most abundant and the dominant beings on earth, the largest part live in the UKA.

B-Class Lifeforms Edit

B-Class Lifeforms came to be because of radiation and can be described as memes, goofs, gaffs, and laughs. They are typically found close to areas of high radiation and are hostile to anyone who might come near, they are often imitated by fanatical worshipers.

C-Class Lifeforms Edit

C-Class Lifeforms are A-Class Lifeforms that have embraced the meme and have grown to be intertwined imitators and worshipers of B-Class Lifeforms. They are often as aggressive and over-all similar to the memes they imitate.

D-Class Lifeforms Edit

D-Class Lifeforms are fully synthetic/robotic creatures, either made in a test tube or factory.

Extra-Terrestrials Edit

E.T.s as they are known, are secretive and mysterious, although most are suspected to have come from the moon, alerted by the fresh memes brought to life with B-Class Lifeforms' awakening during the nuclear wars. Although once they came for memes, they decided to stay and continue their ancient and forgoten tradition of making the Illuminati.