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National Government Edit

The United Kingdom of America is a fascistic, constitutional, feudal monarchy, with Donald Trump serving as state head. The role of the National government is to command the 200 feudal warlords (officially Patriot Governors) who exert direct military power over their subjects, and to institute Taxes, grant local positions and oversee the protection and prosperity of large state-sponsoring business enterprises. The National government Consists simply of a head of State and his 13 delegates who oversee feudal, bureaucratic, and military matters on behalf of the head of state.

Head of State Edit

Donald Trump, a long lived Class-A Lifeform Assumes the position of "Patriot King" with a constitutional obligation to protect the privilege of Patriot governors and to not tax officially registered businesses, with absolute legislative power outside of constitutional limitations. The head of State also has direct control of the national army consisting of approximately 45,000,000 active soldiers, with every man over 20 required to be trained and put on reserve.

Patriot Governors Edit

Patriot Governors are entirely subordinate to orders from royal delegates but have absolute local power, with each Governor allowed 200,000 reserve and 50,000 active soldiers without armor or an air-force.

Client States Edit

The UKE and New new Mexico are both ruled by the Patriot King of the UKA, though with some sovereignty. New new Mexico serves as a penal-labor colony for displaced Spanish and Portuguese speaking UKA Citizens.

Forced Migration Edit

English speaking UKA citizens are forced to move south as population densities increase in the north, displaced locals are sent to the penal-labor colony of New new Mexico.